08 Jul 2020

Comprehensive Guides on Travel Advisories

Comprehensive Guides on Travel Advisories

As countries around the world start easing their COVID-19 lockdowns, many are also starting to reopen their borders, so as to regain some form of normalcy. However, even as you start making plans for your travel, it is highly likely that there will be certain health conditions, restrictions or requirements attached. To help you get a comprehensive overview of these restrictions or requirements, and minimise any possible risk of travel disruption, The Culture Embassy has curated some helpful tools and websites that you can consult before booking your air tickets.


TripsGuard is a highly interactive tool which provides a detailed map of the world’s countries, complete with updated rules and restrictions that are currently in place for travellers, right down to which restaurants or attractions are closed or open. All you need to do is to move the cursor of your mouse over the map or simply key in the country that you are interested to visit, and you can gain access to a comprehensive string of travel information all at your fingertips.


If you are not a native English speaker, or if you are more proficient in German or Spanish, Travelbans.org has compiled the latest updates on travel restrictions from 239 countries and regions in 7 languages. While the information contained on this website are quite similar to those on TripsGuard, they are slightly more detailed. What sets this apart from TripsGuard, is the regular updates on the availability of airlines, and the frequency of flights in your country of interest.

It also contains a more in-depth analysis of the current and future situation for the countries’ reopening of borders so, if you are detailed-oriented, or can spare some time to read, Travelbans.org is a better option for you.

IATA Travel Regulations Map

The International Airline Transportation Association (IATA) has also created an Interactive (COVID-19) Travel Regulations Map, maintaining up-to-date, authoritative resources that travellers can consult to gauge which worldwide destinations are opening up to visitors again, and to what degree. The compilation of the latest data for each destination is achieved through IATA’s partnership with airlines and close bilateral relations with government agencies worldwide.

Every country on the map is colour-coded to provide an easy, visual reference for understanding the relative strictness of its current travel regulations. Each nation falls into one of 4 broader categories: ‘Totally Restrictive’, ‘Partially Restrictive’, ‘No regulations related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) implemented’ and ‘Latest updates currently under review’. Users can simply click on a country to view detailed information about its current restrictions, including air-travel status, quarantine policies, eligibility parameters, exemptions and applicable documentation requirements.


We would like to caution users of these websites and tools, that while they are useful, all the websites contain disclaimers, which remind users that the COVID-19 situation is fluid and ever-changing, so travellers should do their own research, and verify the information with official authorities, before proceeding to book any air tickets or accommodation.