30 Aug 2020

Aqua Gastronomy by Resorts World Sentosa: 4 Sept – 31 Oct 2020 (Singapore)

Aqua Gastronomy by Resorts World Sentosa: 4 Sept – 31 Oct 2020 (Singapore)

New Dining Experience – Aqua Gastronomy

RWS is taking Southeast Asia’s first and only underwater dining experience at its S.E.A. Aquarium to elevated grandeur with Aqua Gastronomy, a new spellbinding fusion of gastronomic bliss, ever- changing kaleidoscopic landscapes and breathtaking underwater performances accompanied by oceanic soundscapes.

From 4 September to 31 October 2020, eight beautifully bespoke pods will house guests in their exclusive and intimate dining space defined by a molecular-inspired frame, providing a strongly thematic underwater dining experience set before S.E.A. Aquarium’s centerpiece attraction, the Open Ocean Habitat.

Guests will dine in the company of over 100,000 aquatic inhabitants such as Reef Manta Rays, Hammerhead Sharks and Giant Groupers, submerged in the dreamy realm of a beautiful underwater terrain. Specially conceptualised by award-winning RWS in-house creators, the imposing vista of the awe-inspiring marine world along with an extraordinary combination of dynamic lighting effects, atmospheric music, delectable cuisine and underwater entertainment enthrall all five senses and completely immerse guests in the mysterious deep blue ocean.

Family and friends can bask in their favourite attraction in a different light with fine-dining in the heart of the S.E.A. Aquarium while couples seeking out new shared experiences can up the romantic quotient at this unique and unforgettable dining extravaganza. Diners will be pampered with a modern and inventive Asian culinary repertoire prepared with 100% sustainably sourced seafood and local produce. With an experience that engages, moves and educates, Aqua Gastronomy will redefine and set a new trend in destination dining.


Culinary Journey of Theatrical Ocean-themed Cuisine

Specially designed by Chef de Cuisine Marvas Huang of Ocean Restaurant and Chef de Cuisine Tony Choo of Forest, the four-course dinner menu creatively pays homage to the abundance of fascinating treasures in the ocean.

Each creation is a visual splendor conjuring scenes of the deep blue and offers a delicious interplay of flavours and textures, exemplifying the chefs’ talents, skills and imagination. Poetically named Misty Morning Sea, Ocean’s Reflections, Shining Seas and Treasures of the Ocean, the exquisite creations feature 100% sustainably sourced seafood that have been meticulously selected to ensure their farming, fishing or catching methods have minimal environmental impact.

In support of the Singapore Food Story, the chefs first looked to local fisheries Barramundi Asia and Ah Hua Kelong which farm high quality seabass and shellfish respectively using sustainable practices. By including local seafood produce on the menu, their aims are to showcase their premium quality to diners and also reduce Aqua Gastronomy’s carbon footprint.

Other featured ingredients include pristine hand harvested diver scallops from the Canadian North Atlantic (Marine Stewardship Council Certified), responsibly farmed Trout Caviar (Aquaculture Stewardship Council Certified), prawns from Vietnam (Best Aquaculture Practices Certified) and Norway langoustine caught from the Kattegat-Skagerrak area, where langoustine fishing levels are at a sustainable level and the fishermen are committed to protecting the seabed.

As each course is served, rich theatrics and effects are set in motion to excite and captivate the sense of taste, sight, smell and sound. Among the many surprises are graceful live choreography by professional underwater divers in the Open Ocean Habitat as they swim and glide among the curious marine creatures, which promise to be a sight to behold.


Safety Protocols & Services

Already an SG Clean accredited venue before the Circuit Breaker, the S.E.A. Aquarium provides a safe dining experience for Aqua Gastronomy by prioritising the health, safety and well-being of our guests at the centre of all our experiences. Taking place after S.E.A. Aquarium’s operating hours where the entire area is dedicated to the Aqua Gastronomy experience, guests will dine with peace of mind in their own reserved dining space demarcated by a beautiful and elegant structure.

Each dinner session exclusively accommodates up to 50 guests, where each pod is spaced more than 1.5 metres apart. Diners are assured of a clean environment with high air quality standards, as air conditioning units in the S.E.A. Aquarium are installed with high efficiency filters which eradicate more than 95% of all viruses, bacteria and particles.

This is boosted by an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation system which further disinfects the air and kills pathogens using ultraviolet rays. As an added safeguard, plasma air ionisers are deployed across the dining area which generate ions to eliminate viruses and bacteria. In addition, all cutlery are wrapped and all dishes will be covered with cloches when they are served from the kitchen to your table.


#SupportLocal – Bring home an artwork by a Singaporean illustrator

As part of RWS’ wider initiative to support local artists, RWS commissioned Wu Yanrong, a talented young Singaporean artist passionate about the ocean to illustrate the S.E.A. Aquarium’s marine animals. Her whimsical yet lifelike illustrations have been printed into collectible postcards so that guests can bring home a little bit of the magic even as the dining experience draws to a close.

The special collaboration between RWS and Wu underscores a shared mission to inspire protection of marine life and their habitats. With a signature style characterised by calligraphy-style brushstrokes, Wu’s work has graced the boutique window displays of luxury French label Hermes. The thoughtful parting gift also includes a jar of housemade kelp sea salt.


Dates: 4 September – 31 October 2020

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Venue: Open Ocean Habitat, S.E.A Aquarium, 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island

Price: SGD$118+++ (RWS Members), SGD$98+++ (Non-RWS Members)

For more information and reservation, please call +65 6577 6688 or email dining@rwsentosa.com.